Prerequisite (required as a precondition)


1-Academic Qualification & Legal Documents

Educational Certificates:
Attestation by Ministry of Education
Attestation by Foreign Office
Arabic Translation by Ministry of Education and Foreign Office

2- Pakistani University Degrees:

Attested by University Grants Commission / HEC Attested By Foreign Office.
Attested by Saudi Culture Office at Islamabad.

3- Medical Degrees:

Attested by Ministry of Health
Attested by Foreign Office.
Attested by Saudi Culture Office at Islamabad.

4-Religious School Certificates:

Attested by Ministry of Religious Affairs
Attested by Foreign Office.

5- Foreign Universities Degrees:

Attested by respective Foreign Office of that country or by Pakistani Mission in that country Attested by Pakistani Foreign Office.

6- Export / Import Statement:

Attested by Foreign Office without translation

7- Insurance Application:

Attested by Foreign Office without translation

8-Marriage / Birth Certificates:

Attested by Foreign Office with translation
Copy of Iqama of Saudi resident person
NIC copies of both husband & wife for marriage certificate

9- Driving Licenses & Passports:

Embassy does not attest it.


1. Any child going to The Kingdome of Saudi Arabia below 15 years and above 12 Years must have to present the valid (vaccinated 4 weeks before departure) Polio Vaccination card along with visa application.

2. Any person involved in Smuggling of Drugs will be hanged to death according to strict Laws of Kingdome of Saudi Arabia.

3. In case of any flaw found in documents submitted for attestation, The Royal Embassy is authorised not to return the fake/bogus certificates.

4. Royal Consulate of Saudi Arabi will only accept Machine Readable Passports for visa with immediate effect from 01-08-2006.

5. Name spelling in Visa slip must be according to Passport name.

6. Photocopies of all documents should be neat, clear & visible.

7. E-ticket should be stamped from the concerned air line.

8. Copy of Marriage certificate & Form_B needs attestation from Foreign office.

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